Maritime Structures
and Underwater Works

ART SUB is a company, which has been operating in the maritime and underwater work fields throughout the national territory since 1972. The company activity is focused on the delivery of high specialised services for sea and land works in harbour, state, and river sectors. Art Sub is specialised in installation of underwater ducts and relevant laying-down of collars and anchorages for mooring places, piers, signalling buoys. Operates of its staff are qualified crane operators to drive and control maritime vessels for any lifting operations, but able also to operate for sea-transport of vehicles and various goods. Another qualifying sector are maintenance, control, verification and service tasks, mainly for hydroelectric power plants. Further to these activities, high specialised underwater services are supplied, as docking of ships, leak infill, underwater video-photo-services, ship hull and bottom inspections, non-destructive thickness checks, assistance for cleaning of seabed from bombs and remnants of war and other materials of various origin, as well as services aimed to a general check of harbours and rivers, as bathymetries, measurements of seeds, drilling, laying of anti-pollution plates and containment plates for dredging operations.

A story
starting long time ago

At the end of 60s, underwater works in immersion were performed mainly by divers, pioneers in scuba diving, who immersed with heavy and cumbersome apparatus, which limited their movement and made them surface-depending. The equipment was supplied with air through compressors supplying the diving suit. Love for diving allowed enterprising young people to realize the chances our harbour offered them when merchant ships or the first ferries from Sardinia and Corsica arrived and required repairs at bottom, propellers or immersed instrumentation, or when the first undersea ducts were laid along coast municipalities for Acam, or when the electric cables were laid for Enel, as well as many other services were required. Thanks to a greater freedom offered through lighter and comfortable equipment, they acquired more dynamism, efficiency and shorter times of diving, so that their love became a job. In the years the professional diving evolved more and more, thanks to required specialisation training course to become Underwater Technical Operator, as well as to means and equipment, which have improved in fact of safety and technology. Unfortunately today this professionalism is not yet recognized and no reference national norm frame exists. As voluntary decision, the norm UNI 11366 is adopted, defining criteria and modes for the execution of diving and hyperbaric professional activities to serve the industry.