Quality makes the difference.

Art Sub is a company, which has been operating in the maritime and underwater work fields throughout the national territory since 1972.

Today Art Sub is one of the most important and qualified firm in this field, with 25 operators, an administrative headquarter, and many offices over a 200 sqm surface, where the management, the commercial department and the purchase and technical functions operate. Three bases of operations, and a fleet composed by 15 marine vessels, tug boats, pontoons, barges and powerboats, further to technologically advanced underwater equipment. Various services, among which dredging, beach nourishment, demolition and construction of piers, docks, quays, and landing stages, installation of floating landing stages, catenaries and mooring, certified underwater welding and cut works, sea recoveries, installation, maintenance and direction of underwater piping and ducts, video-inspections and photo-video documentations, non destructive checks, underwater visits and inspections on bottoms and ship equipments, cleaning of valves, grids and polishing of propellers, sea maintenance and repair works.

Over half a century
of great successes.

Pioneers in diving

At the end of the 60’s underwater operations were performed mainly by divers, who immersed with heavy and bulky equipment limiting their movements. This underwater equipment depended on the surface one, from where air was delivered through compressors supplying the diving suit.
Dedication to diving operations led enterprising young people to acknowledge opportunities inside our harbour, where every day cargo ships arrived requiring repair works on hull, propellers or submersed equipment.
Operations varied from laying of first underwater ducts for coast municipalities required by Acam and Enel, to underwater maintenance of the first ferry-boats on the line to Sardinia and Corsica, up to laying of electric lines from Piombino to Isola d’Elba. Many other works were realized, which thanks to an increased freedom to act by means of lighter and more comfortable equipment, assured higher dynamism, efficiency in less time and made the passion a job.
It was the year 1972.