and Equipment

Today the performance is mainly in providing services, thanks to the sea fleet including a pontoon with lifting crane (30 m x 9 m), one self-propelled pontoon with lifting carne (20 m x 7 m), one pontoon (33 m x 11 m), one tugboat with lifting crane (14 m), one tugboat (15 m), one fast motor boat (22 knotes, 14 m), one motor boat (9 m), one pilot boat (9 m), three motor boats (5 m), one raft (6.5 m), one raft (5 m) regularly recorded in the sea marine section of La Spezia; one vehicle park with one truck with crane, four vans, one excavator; a work equipment park with compressors, hydraulic and electric control units, equipment for sea building and carpentry, special equipment for underwater operations and standard equipment for immersions (control units for life-safe functions during immersions, underwater communication devices, helmets, diving suits, scuba tanks, compressors).


Land Vehicles

Truck with crane Renault – DT535MJ
Van Fiat Ducato mobile workshop – DW877GA
Van Opel Vivaro, 6-seater – EF915RH
Van Fiat Fiorino – EH098KC
Crawler excavator N.H. with ramps (buckets + drill) – N7GN06430
Fork lift Hyster 25 q – B416A03180F