Art Sub offers waterfront construction and carpentry both on land and in water, supported by qualified Underwater Technical Operators, holding the required authorizations for diving, as well as professional skills in waterfront construction, carpentry, cutting and welding operations. Art Sub is specialised in installation of underwater ducts and relevant laying-down of collars and anchorages and signalling buoys. Members of its staff are qualified Operators and Crane operators, to drive and control di maritime vessels for any lifting operations, but able also to operate for for sea-transport of vehicles and various goods.
Another qualifying sector are maintenance, control, verification and service tasks, mainly for hydroelectric power plants.
Activities performed by specialised underwater operators for the great Groups relate to desanding of intake systems both in rivers and sea through suction pumps for dredging, inspection in underwater wells and tunnels, sealing of intake systems, cutting and welding of metal parts,
resining, cleaning of grids and maintenance of suction pumps with underwater inspections and maintenance of cable ducts
Further to these activities, high specialised underwater services are supplied, as docking of ships, leak infill, underwater video-photo-services, ship hull and bottom inspections, non-destructive thickness checks, assistance for cleaning of seabed from bombs and remnants of war and other materials of various origin, as well as services aimed to a general check of harbours and rivers, as bathymetries, measurements of seeds, drilling, laying of anti-pollution plates and containment plates for dredging operations.